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The Costa del Sol: The property investment hotbed of the Spanish coast

Costa Del Sol simply translates to the Coast of The Sun; and as its name suggests, the Costa del Sol represents an impressive stretch of beautiful beaches, and impressive properties. The south of Spain is indeed the tourism and property investment hotbed of the Spanish coast. It is a melting pot of various cultures that began over 3,000 years ago. The fact is the Costa Del Sol is the quintessential beach life split into various towns and villages, all preaching a message of lazy tranquility and great food.
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But the Costa Del Sol is big, massive in fact, and can be a bit confusing for any intrepid tourist wondering where to begin his or her adventures of the sunny coast. But that’s a problem were about to solve, simply keep on reading.

Firstly, it doesn’t hurt to know that Costa Del Sol has 15 major cities, and the Puerto Banus marina as well, which is the region’s equivalent to Beverly Hills (designed in fact by the very same architect, Noldi Shreck). Each city has a unique piece of history, style of fun and sand to offer visitors, but they all share the same great food, great weather and great sun. So feel free to plop your bag and umbrella anywhere if the sun and surf are your destinations.

The biggest city and heartbeat of the region is Malaga, a perfect place to spend the winters and keep busy, enjoy a more relaxed and homely holiday or even settle. Malaga is basically the region’s cultural melting pot, with nominations for European Capital of Culture 2016 pouring in left and right. Sporting an amazing amount of greenery but surprisingly few palm trees, Malaga is the perfect destination for lovers of museums, paintings, ancient cathedral architecture, history, good food and relaxing strolls under the Spanish sun.


Next up we have the city of Marbella, which is more friendly towards the adventures types and a golfer’s paradise. Hiking trips, boat rides, world class golf clubs and some of the best food in the region are all centered in Marbella. The night life is also considerably colorful, with music lovers easily finding a worth while concert or festival to sway away the nights too. A tip for foodies: the best food in Marbella is generally found in beachside bars, which happen to provide a great view, a warm seaside breeze and cheap prices for some insanely tasty Andalusian dishes. Also, the beer is good.

However, hardcore party animals have an entire marina dedicated in their honor, Puerto Banus. Built in the 1970’s as an exclusive village for the rich and famous, this small strip of beachside property host some of the longest, wildest and most varied parties the coast can host. The high-end shopping malls and luxury apartments appeal quite strongly to investors interested in opening up nightclubs or shops. Buying and selling apartments is also a major business in Puerto Banus. Just remember one thing, Wednesdays are relaxation days, so don’t make any mid-week party plans.

Puerto Banus Tourism

Then there is the climate lovers’ home away from home, the tiny municipality of Torrox. Mostly visited by tourists from Britain, France and Germany, Torrox is the perfect place to enjoy some hot tea or cold lemonade, read a good book and inhale the city’s great weather–which was awarded the title of “Best Climate in Europe.” Basically, people looking for a calm, quiet, relaxed and friction free holiday in sunny Costa Del Sol, Torrox is the place for you.

So there it is, we’ve covered the major holiday types and the major cities that cater to them, but keep in mind that there’s a lot more Costa Del Sol has to offer for those willing to nose about and walk off the beaten track. Just remember, no matter the city or cities chosen, it isn’t a true Costa Del Sol holiday unless there has been a trip to the beach, so don’t forget to pack some suntan lotion, a bathing suit and towel when enjoying the coast.